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    We urge you to check the privacy policy when you visit the site to ensure that you ask how any unilateral information you provide will be applied.

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    Web News

    When voluntarily submitted by visitors, identifying information on our network is one-sided, such as name, postal address, email address, etc. The information you provide will be used to fulfill your specific request.

    This message will only be used to fulfill your specific request unless you give us permission to apply this message in other ways, such as adding you to our mailing list.

    Cookies/Tracking Technologies

    Cookies and tracking technologies are useful for Web information (such as wading samples and operating systems) and can be used to track the number of visitors to a site and to ask visitors how they use the site. cookies can also sponsor custom sites. It is not possible to experience some of the Web information of tracking technologies such as cookies; however, if you have previously provided some of your identity messages, cookies can be bound to those messages. Aggregated cookies and tracking messages can be shared with third parties.

    Dispersed Information

    We may share information with government agencies or other companies to help us prevent extortion or observation. We may do so in connection with (1) order permits or requests, (2) attempts to prevent or protect against real or potential extortion or illegal business activity, and (3) observations following an extortion incident. This information will not be provided to these companies as a marketing objective.

    Commitment to Data Security

    Certain of your identifying information is secure. Only authorized employees, distributors and contractors (and those who have agreed to withhold information) have access to this information. All email and time newsletters on this site allow you to opt out of sending emails